2010, Leica M8, Leica M9, photography, Shutter

Waiting On The 9…Almost Over

The M9 is backordered – although ordered – and the 35mm is still at Leica NJ for calibration and restoration (since January). If anyone is interested, the M8 (with new M8.2 shutter and corrected framelines) may soon be on ebay.

UPDATE: the M9 arrived but like so many things in life that have to be done at least 2 times before it can be right), it went back with a sensor/processor error and should be back next week. 35mm lens back and now wonderfully accurate. A difference of night & day.

film, Leica M6, Leica M8, Shutter, Upgrade

Waiting For Leica

Sent the M8 in to the shop for a shutter and rangefinder mask upgrade. In the meantime pulled out the M6 and loaded some Rollei ScanFilm CN 400. To my horror discovered my old Santa Monica lab is gone. All labs here in Michigan I used to use have been gone for a while already. Looking to NYC for an answer. In the meantime, waiting for Leica and the upgrade.

**Update: arrived yesterday. Have to say new quieter shutter does indeed make a huge difference. Only wish it came installed in the first place…