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Give Me Liberty…Or Just The 1%

“Occupy Ann Arbor” is setting up shoppe in the aptly-named Liberty Plaza in Ann Arbor, MI. Let’s read some of the advertisements they have on display: “6PM Sign Making & Protest Songs”; “Power To The People”; and something about “Stop Spoiling Our Environment”.

Now, let us view the scene (click to enlarge):

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Skagit River Hikeathon

Back from a week of living with the rocks in the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington. From Mt. Rainier to Ross Lake (Ross Lake Resort) and the dams (Diablo, Gorge, and Ross) of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project. Hiked and ate. Kept the fire burning every 2 hours in the cast iron Alaskan. Many images of mountains I won’t post here.


And I have to say I’m ALL for the National Parks of the US. And the Great Lodges. Yes, I possess an annual pass. When I leave the community confines of the park I can’t help but feel like I’m leaving home, into the unsanctioned unofficial world of back-to-school letdown.