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FotoGrafia – Festival Internazionale di Roma 2010

Received word from curator Marc Prust that I have been chosen to be a part of this year’s FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale di Roma, September 23 thru October 24 2010 at the MACRO Testaccio in Rome with the photobook below. The theme of this 9th edition of FotoGrafia is FUTURESPECTIVES, or “Can photography interpret the future?” Stand by for more details.

UPDATE: images sent to Rome for show prep. Tried to get a flight to opening but airfare is waaaay too expensive.

2010, American Tour, Leica M6, photography, rangefound, Street Photography

American Tour at Blurb

A slightly larger edition of my American Tour photobook now for sale (for the first time I might add) at Blurb: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1496756. In softcover, approx. 8″ x 10″. (Was hoping for a smaller size but this is Blurb’s most compact offering.)

American Tour Michael Limbert Rangefound

2010, golden, Leica M9, rangefound, red, Street Photography

Red Cart In The Sunset

On my way back from the grocery in the late afternoon sun. Parked, discarded, as far as it could practically go out of the supermarket lot and far enough from the owner’s home to implicate guilt. Safely nestled now in the pines off Catalpa.


2010, Delicious, Leica M9, rangefound

All Beef Hot Dog

It may look small way down there at the end of the aisle but it is actually quite large. And all beef to boot. Scenes like this always call to me. Majestic and iconic. Almost inappropriate. If I could paint I’d do this scene in oils. John Michaels…are you listening…

all beef hot dog ikea rangefound

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Fresh Cuts of Faux

Downtown carnival with a new prize offering: fresh hanging cuts of fury faux lions and tigers. Like fuzzy sides of meat in a butcher’s playland. Or something like that. (Shhh…they’re sleeping…)

Lions leica rangefound