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Rangefound Photobook at Blurb

Out now at Blurb…my new photobook “rangefound“. Images from rangefound.com with many previously unpublished shots. 64 pages, designed for ProLine uncoated stock (which turned out to be a really nice, smooth matte paper). Click below and go check out the preview at Blurb.

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RangeFound® Now Protected Under Madrid Protocol

Good news: the RangeFound® name for online journals, sites, blogs featuring rangefinder camera photography and general photography is now protected via International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under Madrid Agreement and Protocol (Reg. No. 1 089 240). The registered U.S. Trademark status (Reg. No. 3,893,811) remains as well.

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The Christmas Bulb

Nearing the end of the year, a time to sit back and edit all those shots that stretch years into the past. Many not scanned, resting like cordwood on contact sheets under camera parts and cans of air. Changed my OS so many times that I’m sure the scanner needs emergency driver updates too. But here, I’ve found the secret to Santa’s lead sleigh-runner. And in case I become forgetful, Merry Christmas! Bring on 2010.



Radio Berlin International

Nothing to do with photography, but since we’re at the anniversary of the Berlin wall tumbling down, I think back and remember, as a shortwave-listening DX-obsessed lad, the last broadcast of East Germany’s Radio Berlin International. RBI was a great catch for us SWL fans as their QSL package often included pennants, booklets, bookmarks and other gifts. Their last broadcast was 2nd Oct., 1990, before RBI was absorbed by Radio Deutsche Welle. Interesting to listen to now as the final program was tinged with bitterness at the unification. Hear for yourself in 2 parts…