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Dust Bowl Blues

South of Fresno, CA (Fall 2010) a couple cars parked off the highway next to the fill-er-up. Dust caked and time baked to distinction. Ultimately bound for glory in my book. Nice juxtaposition with the Christmas lights permanently fixed to the house.

2009, cars, rangefound

Challenge at Monticello Motor Club

Returned from Monticello, NY and the CTS-V (Bob Lutz) Challenge (search the web for more info and race results). Started very rainy & cloudy, but sunshine prevailed and so did the Cadillac CTS-V. Most of what I shot was HD video, so until I sort through my stills, here are a couple images that caught my eye from around the Monticello Motor Clubhouse…

UPDATE: yes, my footage used well on SpeedChannel’s half hour CTS-V Challenge show from December 8.