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International Bigtime Wrestling Selects

Finally, a few selects from last year’s International Bigtime Wrestling event in Mexicantown, Detroit. There was wonderful food, fake blood (no really), fantastic showmanship, and some menacing escaped convicts just hanging out with the kids. Originally posted about this back in July, 2009.

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Chevy Volt on ALAMY

Uploaded the remainders & extras from 2009’s Chevy Volt shoot (for Monocle Magazine) to my account at ALAMY. Some good images that haven’t yet seen the light of day. Available for EDITORIAL use.

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Black Monday thru Friday

Just so you know, there are bargains yet to be had in front of Harry Winston, W 56th and 5th NYC. REAL designer jewelry for only $10. (And if you look at Google Street View, you’ll see the sale has been going on for some time.)


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Challenge at Monticello Motor Club

Returned from Monticello, NY and the CTS-V (Bob Lutz) Challenge (search the web for more info and race results). Started very rainy & cloudy, but sunshine prevailed and so did the Cadillac CTS-V. Most of what I shot was HD video, so until I sort through my stills, here are a couple images that caught my eye from around the Monticello Motor Clubhouse…

UPDATE: yes, my footage used well on SpeedChannel’s half hour CTS-V Challenge show from December 8.

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Int’l Photography Awards 2009

A couple of my entries have completed the first three rounds of judging in the International Photography Awards 2009 and now have been named OFFICIAL SELECTIONS. They include the single image “Vegas Couch” and the reproduced food image series “Delicious” (three sample images below).

Abandoned Couch; South of Las Vegas

USP Cheese
Statoil Sandwich

Delicious statement: An image series of commercially created and idealistically presented foods and dishes, passed through the filter of time, age, distance, weather and photographic reproduction into new serving suggestions.

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Expo ’67: The Future…Today!

Was in Montreal the weekend of August 8th for musical pursuits (Fortune & Maltese and the Phabulous Pallbearers) and of course had to stop by the Expo ’67 grounds. After many wrong turns (despite having the latest GPS and iPhone navigation information available) and driving through a casino parking garage, we reached the destination. Here in front of the Biosphere entrance lies a discarded cork-heeled pump of sorts and a flat water bottle carcass.


An informational display highlighting vegetation and ecology is beyond the Biosphere. Further down the path are some excellent hot dogs.

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New York Photo Awards 2009 Nomination

Well, I am honored to find out (months after the fact) I had made it into the NOMINATION stage of the 2009 New York Photo Festival Awards with my photo book American Tour. The book is available for purchase at blurb.

(I often wonder what would have happened had the Comfort Motel NOT been torn down…)


List of nominees can be seen here: http://www.nyphotofestival.com/site/?page_id=4432

From the press release:


NYPHA’09 Nominations
The Jury of the New York Photo Awards 2009 (NYPHA’09) is pleased to announce the following Nominees.

To be named a nominee of the New York Photo Awards 2009 means that one has been selected for the final round of judging, during which time only three finalists will be chosen (Winner and two Honorable Mentions). Considering the number of rounds that the Jury has already been through, being nominated is truly an award in and of itself. We are very proud of this year’s Nominees. It is clear that they represent the Future of Contemporary Photography, and we wish them continued success.

The Winners and Honorable Mentions will be announced (and their work presented) at the Gala Ceremony for the New York Photo Awards 2009 on Friday, May 15th at 8pm in the St. Ann’s Warehouse Auditorium. This is a special ticketed event, there are only 415 seats, and they are selling out fast. Last year, we packed the place to the gills, and still had another 200+ people flowing out to the streets. So, if you want a seat, you have to have a ticket. Festival passes and tickets can be purchased here.


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Big Time Wrastlin’


Fourth of July, 2009. Mexican Town wrestling match downtown Detroit. Absolute genius. Finest theater since Shakespeare. It really went to the street and stopped traffic. Here, a baby sleeps through the excitement. One day she can say she missed Chuck Wagon beat the tar out of the man in the foreground on Vernor Hwy. Rematch coming Labor Day Weekend.