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Merry Christmas 2012

And Happy New Year!rangefound holly

Happy Holidays 2012 rangefound


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Here Comes “The Sun”, Issue 431

Back from Chicago’s Black Cloud Gallery and the Beginnings exhibition opening with my flag photo (thanks all, wonderful time) and I find a packet in the mail of The Sun Magazine copies (thanks Sun!) with a photo of mine inside. Sent it a couple years ago, a familiar sight in Santa Monica for anyone who has spent months of their life there. November 2011 issue, page 28.

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Olde New York Street

What does one find when strolling AnyStreet, USA in backdropstudioland? A bent lamp post with a pop can in the socket. A light rig hiding behind the curtains of a quaint book store. And bicycles in the Chocolat Shoppe. AnyStreet USA. A curious familiarity from a scene you seen. Somewhere late at night. In a theater near you.